About Us

We are an Australian family owned breeder of the world’s cutest pomskies.

We are Sydney based with one stud Klee Kai (toy huskie) named Mac Bailey and two lovely Dams named Pom-Pom and Fluffy. Which are bred once every 2 or 3 years.

Pomskies are a new designer breed dog and there are many things to consider before choosing a Pomsky. The first goal should be finding a reputable breeder with an extensive understanding of this rare new breed.

Pomskies are a mix between a Pomeranian (small breed) and a husky (large breed) Something we are totally against and opposed to. If this process is not done correctly in a professional environment it could lead to the death of the pregnant dog or at best require a C section to try to prevent any server complications.

However there is still more to consider as pups they look absolutely adorable but even if the procedure is done right the other major drawback is trying to predict the size of the pup as it could grow as large as a huskie when it is matured.

Most pictures on the internet give you the impression that a Pomsky is a small cute dog, some are but the reality is that the size can never really be stabilised due to the huge size difference between the 2 differing breeds the pup could grow as big as a husky.

By crossing a Pomeranian with a toy husky (Klee Kai) as they are both small dog breeds enables the same physical traits that we all desire with the major advantage of allowing nature to naturally takes is course while achieving the same results in the most ethical way possible.

As far as we are aware, we are the only breeders of Pomskies in the Southern Hemisphere that use toy huskies, giving a small size and health guarantee on all our pups as both parents are genetically small dogs our Sire is a miniature Klee Kai (toy husky).
In all our litters our puppies have never exceeded the size of their parents.

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