What is the cost of adopting a Pomklee puppy?

Provided you have met our criteria, the average cost of adopting a Sydney Pomskies puppy is $6,000. However, this can increase or decreace depending on eye colour, coat markings/quality & size (standard, miniture & toy). With top end puppies costing upward of $6,000. Upon making the waiting list exact prices will be confirmed.

What does the cost of a puppy include?

All our puppies are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, vet health checked and certified, de-sexed, treated for internal + external parasites and come with a 100 point full health check.

How do I get on your list?

Unfortunately we do not have enough puppies for everyone as we only breed our Dam, once every two or three years. You can contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page or Facebook.

Can you ship a puppy to me, if I am in a different state or country?

This can be done at the buyers expense and their organisation of transport. However this is not guaranteed until it is established the puppy is going to a good home.

Please Note: The average cost of any pup going to an Australian state (Victoria, Queensland, South Australia etc.) is $250.00. We recommend using Jet Pets, as we have found them to be very professional in their service and caring with our pups.

How does your waiting list work?

When puppies are about 4 weeks old and we can tell their eye colour, gender and establish their coat. We can then send photos and videos directly to you and have you choose your preference. We will not publicly display the puppies on our website, only those who have left deposits will be aware of any new litters.

How long will I have to wait for a puppy?

Upon contacting us we will advise when we are expecting our next litter or which puppies are currently available.

Why do your puppies cost so much?

This is a very good question and we hope this answer does not confuse you.

Alaskan Klee Kais (Toy Huskies) are number two on the worlds rarest dog breeds. Our stud Mac Bailey is a Klee Kai which technically makes our puppies PomKlees. To give you an idea of how rare PomKlees are, there are currenty around 200 in the world. This makes them even rarer than Klee Kais.

Our puppies are F2 (Second Generation) PomKlees – 75% Klee Kai (Toy Husky), 25% Pomeranian. This is how we are able to naturally deliver such small sized dogs. We would love to be called Sydney PomKlees because this is the actual breed of our dogs, however, not many people/if any know what an Alaskan Klee Kai is. To keep our dogs as healthy and safe as possible we will never perform AI and this is why we ensure everything is done naturally and revolves around the dogs pace (not ours). Sometimes joins are successfull and sometimes they are not, as this is left upto the dogs. Nothing is done artificially and we will not perform any sort of AI.

A Pomsky cannot be bred naturally because of the size difference between a Husky and Pomeranian. However, this can be achieved naturally with a Toy Husky and Pomeranian. Ethical breeding is our number one priority.
As a sidenote we cannot fathem why this would be done anyother way when it can be done natually with a Toy Huskie. Other than the fact that Klee Kais cost so much more and it is cheaper to use a Husky. This does not take into account the dogs wellbeing and this upsets us.
This is our opinion at Sydney Pomskies and to anyone using Huskies it is not our intention to disrespect or advise how to handle your dogs or business. This is what we take pride in and believe makes us different.

  • We have spent enormous amounts of time and money into sourcing the best parents to breed our puppies.
  • This goes into their bloodlines, temperaments, characteristics, appearances and coat quality etc.
  • We believe our prices reflect our ethical differnce, work and quality of our puppies, Thank you to the people who understand what we have put into these dogs and continually stand up for our ethics and intentions.
How big will my Pomsky get?

This is what separates us from other breeders. Our dogs come in three sizes: Standard, Minature, Toy as both our Sire and Dams are small dogs. They will generally mature to about 8Kg, as far as we are aware we are the only Pomsky (PomKlee) breeder in the southern hemisphere that can naturally achieve these sizes.

Do Pomskies have any health problems?

So far we have not seen any health problems with our litters and have an outstanding track record. This is a brand new hybrid and we still have a lot to learn. However due to the quality of the parents and their health we are confident enough to give a 100 point health check on all puppies.

Where are you located?

We are located just outside of Sydney NSW Australia at the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

Do Pomskies shed?

Pomsky (PomKlee) coats are typically somewhere between a husky coat and a pomeranian coat. They are soft and fluffy but have a silky quality that most pom coats lack. Most of the dead hairs will sit in the coat until you brush them out so shedding is not a big issue with regular brushing.

What are temperaments of Pomskies like?

Pomsky (PomKlee) personalities will vary but they all have some pom traits and some husky traits. They are very smart and easy to train. They are much more focused on their human family and less independent than your typical husky but do not always have to be underfoot like your typical Pomeranian. They cannot jump high fences like huskies due to their small size which makes them ideal for units or apartments. They are GREAT with kids. All the love and playfulness of a husky without the weigh to knock the little ones off their feet.